Letters: A Digby, July 15, 2016

Fly tipping near Hall Farm ANL-160507-162246009
Fly tipping near Hall Farm ANL-160507-162246009
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On July 7 my wife took some ridged plastic to the tip at Saddlebow and three small bags of broken up plasterboard.

She was told she could not deposit both as they came under builders’ waste, so she had to bring home the three bags of plasterboard. What do we pay our rates for? This attitude will entice people to dump at the roadside or down a country lane and, by the way, she could not go back for a week or they would turn her away. We recycle everything possible but are not allowed to dispose of non-recyclable material. Do the council really want to encourage more fly tipping?

Mr A Digby, Terrington St John