Letters: A Gallivan, July 31, 2015

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With regard to Cllr Beales complaint in last week’s letters, how sad and disappointing to read his bitter comments in relation to the LARA representative that attended the Major Housing Consultative Group.

The sad truth is that many councillors came canvassing for votes before the election, the majority using the concern residents have with building on Lynnsport and Leisure Park as something they would address. Some even left supportive comments on Stop Lynnsport housing and road development Facebook page. So when Cllr Beales bleats on about having the mandate from the people, you really have to question why when there is so much discord. Wasted money on the Marina, the inappropriate design of the bus shelters, loss of market, £2.6 million spent on renovation of the Town Hall and loss of an important Green Infrastructure Hub in the middle of an urban area. Are he and Cllr Daubney the right people to be in charge of the council? The Independent Inspector obviously thought not.

LARA’s stance has always been the same, provide new facilities for the community.

Nearly one-in-five secondary school aged children are obese, as are a quarter of adults, up from just 15% 20 years ago. Unchecked, the result will inevitably be a huge rise in avoidable illnesses and disability, including many cases of type 2 diabetes which Diabetes UK estimate already costs the NHS around £9 billion a year.

Alive Leisure has already increased their prices for summer actives exponentially, £1 in 2014 for each activity and now in 2015 - £4 an increase of 300%! With the increase in prices and loss of green, free, open space, cycle routes interspersed with road crossings, how does this encourage people to get off the sofa, put down their games controller and get out to take part in physical activities?

We need to keep the park for the health and vitality of the community with the possibility that the existing space can expand in the future to accommodate the rise in numbers who will be moving into the borough.

Maybe a new swimming pool would be a welcome addition and help with the reduction of people swimming for leisure. All within the councils original idea of 70 acres of attractive, landscaped parkland.

Mrs A Gallivan

Old Gaywood