Letters: A10 break down, March 29, 2016

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I am writing to apologise to those cars I held up by a couple of minutes on March 15 on the A10 because I broke down.

I did my best with no gears to get off the road but only partly managed this. I made calls to get recovered as quickly as I could and I felt awful for the impact I was having at 4.15pm on the traffic trying to get back into Lynn. After 15 minutes a colleague kindly stopped and helped me get off the road by which time probably up to 200 cars had passed me and many beeped me to remind me what a nuisance I was. Next time you see a car broken down with a lone female standing by it try to remember she, like me is probably highly upset and doesn’t need you to point out she is causing a problem, she will know she is. Remember next time, it might be your family or friend.

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