Letters: Alan Hall, March 28, 2017

Pedestrian killed on the junction of Norfolk Street and Railway Road, King's Lynn.
Pedestrian killed on the junction of Norfolk Street and Railway Road, King's Lynn.
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On March 20 whilst driving in heavy traffic along Railway Road in the nearside lane heading towards North Lynn, we came to a standstill next to the junction with Norfolk Street.

As the car directly in front was the other side of the pedestrian crossing, I naturally stopped short so as not to restrict the crossing in the event of the traffic lights changing to red. Immediately, a young girl wrongly assuming I’d stopped at a red light proceeded to walk out into the road. Fortunately the adjacent lane leading to Austin Street was less busy so she was extremely lucky but her actions prompted an elderly lady, who was slowly pushing her shopping trolley, to cross from the opposite side just as a lorry was approaching, which had to stop for her. Meanwhile, the traffic ahead of me started to move again and, although the lights were still green, I couldn’t proceed until the lady had reached the pavement. I was feeling physically sick as I realised that not only could I have witnessed another fatality, I could have inadvertently been partly responsible for it. We have already had two fatalities at this rather wide crossing which caters for four lanes of busy traffic.

I suggest serious thought be given to prevent further casualties. I am convinced that this event is not a “one-off”. I believe immediate action is required. Maybe close this crossing, and restrict crossings to the Austin Street junction, which although an inconvenience to some, could alleviate the risks.

Alan Hall, St Germans