Letters: Alan Mudge and Lesley Hayward-Mudge, April 15, 2016

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It would seem that the Government is refusing to meet with the junior doctors representatives, so their all-out strike with no A&E or emergency cover will go ahead on April 26 and 27.

I am not so sure that an all-out strike is such a good idea and it could lead to loss of public support for these young doctors. On April 4, my wife, Lesley, was admitted to A&E at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital following a mild TIA (mini-stroke.) The East of England Ambulance Service from Pentney to the hospital was brilliant. The treatment that she received at the hospital was also faultless by all medical staff involved with her care.

However, we were there for six hours, the A&E staff were at full stretch both in patient administration and medical treatment. The QEH like many other hospitals relies upon these junior doctors to keep the hospital medical services, such as A&E and emergency services, from going into destruct mode. While they take part in this next all-out strike, calling in consultants and staff from other departments, it is just robbing Peter to pay Paul, meaning more cancelled appointments and operations.

They should also remember their Hippocratic Oath, or is this just regarded as only words and now meaningless? I would urge these young doctors to think again about providing no A&E or emergency cover. If on April 26 and 27 my wife was to suffer a recurrence of her illness and had to be admitted to A&E again, I dread to think of the consequences. To conclude, we would both like to thank Dr Skinner of the Manor Farm Medical Practice in Swaffham, who made the house call, spoke to the hospital and arranged the ambulance. Also our thanks to the two ambulance personnel for their professionalism and good humour, plus the welcome cups of tea and finally, thanks to Dr O’Shea and the nurses in A&E. Lesley is making a good recovery.

Alan Mudge and Lesley Hayward-Mudge, Golden Gym, Pentney