Letters: Alan Mudge, June 23, 2015

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Well, rock ’n’ roll, a proposed sex shop in Setch. All must be right with the world if that is a headliner in our local newspaper.

Are the good residents of Setch up in arms about this proposition (pardon the pun) for a discreet sex shop in their village, or secretly enjoying the fame of your headline breaking news ?

Councillor Paul Roberts is concerned, but after all, it is planned to be discreet, and as the saying goes “behind closed doors...”

I resided in Germany for 24 years, both as a member of the RAF and later employed on the German economy.

Every large town and city had a Beate Uhse sex shop on the high street and they are far more explicit than Anne Summers in the United Kingdom ever will be.

Beate Uhse, who gained her private pilot’s licence in the 1930s, was a stunt pilot for the German film industry and flew as a ferry pilot for the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

Following the end of hostilities, she saw a niche in the sex industry market and successfully started what is today a large business and still family owned. By her own admission, she was a wild child.

So I doubt if the good burgers of Setch have too much to worry about if planning permission is granted.

It’s not going to be advertised in bright lights as the Beate Uhse shops in the Fatherland are, but as your article states, very discreetly.

There will no groups of swingers tearing through the village or wild goings on under a violet moon!

Alan Mudge

Golden Gym, Pentney