Letters: Alexandra Kemp, February 26, 2016

Council Election Candidate ENGANL00120120918094249
Council Election Candidate ENGANL00120120918094249
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Regarding the application (15/02092/0) for four dwellings and garages at land west of Millennium Way, Clenchwarton:

I oppose this application because building homes on the west of Millennium Way will put homes in Jubilee Bank Road, which are low-lying with entrances a metre lower than the public highway, at risk of flooding from surface water run-off from the increasingly common heavy rainfall episodes we are experiencing.

Secondly, I would point out that there is currently no agency or council or government body that provides proper help for residents whose property is flooded from rainfall events, unless the water actually enters the house.

This places a much higher duty on planners to ensure that they do not create flood risks for residents who the public sector cannot afford to assist.

Alexandra Kemp, Labour Independent cllr for the Division of Clenchwarton and Lynn South