Letters: Alistair Beales, April 3, 2015

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If Mr Corden feels he should write in such strong terms (Lynn News, March 27) then I think that the least he could do is get his facts right.

Far from forgetting about the 65,000 people who voted against an incinerator, I would remind Mr Corden that it was the strong opposition from Henry Bellingham MP and widespread public concern that led this borough council to take the lead in organising and paying for that referendum and with cross-party support and the help of campaigners such as KLWIN to oppose the incinerator.

Whilst councillor Coke and his colleagues played a role in the final voting (albeit rather Johnny-come-lately) it should be remembered that they supported a Labour administration at County Hall that despite being recently elected on a strong anti-incinerator promise, supported the incinerator and UKIP were powerless to stop them and indeed continued to support them.

It was only when Government subsidies were withdrawn (not least because of strong lobbying by the borough council) that the incinerator was voted down.

So far from becoming involved halfway through as Mr. Corden says, Henry Bellingham was in the vanguard of opposition and the incinerator was only defeated after years of opposition from all parties.

Turning to the proposed development at Lynnsport/Marsh Lane it appears to have been overlooked that no less than three rounds of public consultation have been held with accompanying open days at Lynnsport which led to major changes to the proposals and dropping of 153 homes.

This only happened because the borough sought the views of the public and listened to them. I have attended many meetings and answered innumerable questions from councillors and public as clearly and fully as possible and have never denied the impact of development but have explained that given the need for new homes in areas identified as suitable for development that my role is to try and mitigate that impact as much as possible whilst delivering good quality and much needed new homes.

Alistair Beales,

Borough cllr Gayton ward