Letters: Alistair Beales, January 27, 2015

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I am very much aware of the concerns of some local residents and extended the consultation period to 16th January 2015 and an extra event held at Lynnsport on 9th January to give as many local people as possible the chance to comment on the proposed development at Lynnsport/Marsh Lane.

Now that the consultation period has closed, the input received will be collated and further meetings and/or consultation held in the future.

I have delayed the progress of the proposals so that the consultation input can be considered and the impact of any changes to the proposals properly evaluated. Revised proposals will be considered by the Cabinet and if approved by full Council and will be scrutinised during that process by panels of councillors.

I will continue to make every effort to ensure residents are aware of what is proposed and have opportunity to comment.

Cllr Alistair Beales,

West Norfolk Council cabinet