Letters: Amanda Warren, February 5, 2016

Welney Wash flooded ENGANL00120120914103520
Welney Wash flooded ENGANL00120120914103520
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I know I am not the only one to be actually relieved that the plans for the project at Welney wash were given the financial thumbs down.

I might be in the minority, and probably one of the few to actually own up to the fact I let out a loud and gleeful cheer when the decision was announced on the news.

Living on the B1100 between Welney and Christchurch, the few weeks when the wash floods every year is the only respite we residents have from vehicles racing past our homes, shaking the foundations 24/7. Over the last eight years, three lorries have pitched into the dyke not 100 yards from my front drive due to the speed and nature of the traffic that now uses this road.

The B1100 with a 60mph speed limit, directs HGVs using sat-nav as the fastest route to use like a race track.

Cambridgeshire/Norfolk highways say it wouldn’t even be looked into for a reduction in speed limit until there were at least five fatalities in any 500-yard stretch.

Every local forum for all the villages of Upwell, Three Holes, Tipp’s End, Christchurch and Outwell, have people complaining about their houses being shaken by lorries hurtling past, and windows rattling as they whizz past. Who’s going to pay when my foundations are crumbling?

I am smiling a huge smile, long may they flood and for as many weeks as they like.

Amanda Warren

Tipp’s End