Letters: Andrew Holford, January 26, 2016

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I am not surprised that the King’s Lynn BID Steering Group are commencing a fresh attempt to force businesses to fund town centre improvements and initiatives which really should already be funded by the local authority by way of business rates (Lynn News, January 15).

Two years have passed since the previous failed attempt and it seems these people will keep on going until they do get their way.

Can I correct some misleading statements made in your most recent report. In particular two statements made by Darren Taylor, vice-chairman of the steering group. He is quoted as saying: “There was an overall majority in favour of the BID last time…” and “This time we’re confident that we can secure the ‘yes’ vote that King’s Lynn businesses absolutely want”. The previous vote in 2014 resulted in a low (38%) turn-out, indicating the general apathy for the project. Of the 604 voting papers sent out to businesses, only 122 voted for and 105 against. Therefore, of all the businesses in King’s Lynn only 20% were in favour of the BID whilst 80% were either against it or didn’t bother to vote. Hardly something which ‘King’s Lynn businesses absolutely want’.

The fact that the powers that be are having another attempt and are putting out misleading propaganda statements to force this on local businesses probably explains the general apathy and will almost certainly result in another low turn-out. These people won’t take ‘No’ for an answer, they will keep on going until they eventually get their way, so why bother to vote. Can I please ask that the 62% of businesses that didn’t vote last time, do so this time if only to get a more representative result.

Andrew Holford

Lynn business owner