Letters: Andrew Kwa, January 20, 2015

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I am a father and have three children, all of whom use the green space around Lynnsport. These fields are something we cannot give up. Once gone they can never be brought back and they are used by so many.

My daughter who is nine-years-old has written to object.

She did this without my wife or I asking her to do so, such is the strength of feeling she has about these playing fields and what they bring to Lynn.

I work in Cambridge and I have often told people I work with about Lynnsport and the facilities there including the fields. I’ve shown people on Google Maps what we have.

Everyone says just how fortunate we are to have such facilities to use.

Such places are not common and this is an asset to King’s Lynn and it’s community. Something to shout about that is great about our town, not to destroy!

We are told we need more housing, but nowhere in any of the plans I have seen is there mention of schools, doctors or expansion to the hospital, all of which are reaching their limits.

Going ahead with building houses without this infrastructure will end up turning people away, not encouraging them to come as our schools slip down league tables, especially at primary level.

I do not believe these plans have been thought through with long term planning in mind but with short term thinking and to me appears to be about checking boxes and lining pockets opposed to a solution to a real need.

We need plans that not only satisfy the need to tick the boxes on numbers of houses, but also raise the level of education and health services, reduce congestion and improve air quality, continue to provide the much needed green space our town needs and work in PARTNERSHIP with the local community.

King’s Lynn is a great place to live and it can be even better, but not by destroying part of what makes it great.

Andrew Kwa,

King’s Lynn