Letters: Andrew Reed, October 9, 2015

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In the light of the scandal surrounding VW cars and their emissions due to corrupt software I feel I have to point out a further scandal, very noticeable in the Lynn area.

It seems 4 x 4s and other cars have also been the subject of a glitch in their software. The owners of these vehicles are obviously oblivious to these faults but I will point them out: The indicators on these vehicles do not work. Never will; the vehicles seem to drift into the middle of the road thereby forcing other cars take avoiding action; these vehicles seem to be able to park anywhere, including on the pavement and/or yellow lines; the virus seems to be contagious to the drivers too, symptoms (amongst others) being an arrogant attitude and a disregard for any other road user.

Unfortunately, I think there is no cure or re-boot for these poor people and their vehicles but I feel I ought to point out the symptoms for the safety of other road users.

Andrew Reed