Letters: Anise Kohl, July 24, 2015

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Am I the only person in Lynn finding the daily grocery shop to be an increasingly stressful event?

To call the town centre a “pedestrianised zone” is farcical given the constant fear for my safety with the increasing numbers of ever-larger mobility vehicles I am forced to dodge. Then virtually every time I walk into Sainsbury’s, I count at least three zipping around and blocking the aisles. The number of times one has parked right behind me so that I nearly fall over it as I turn away from a shelf with my shopping basket makes the imperative to shorten my trip increasingly pressing. I even saw one with a trailer touring the shop! The precinct outside is often more like a Brands Hatch race track for mobility vehicles than a pedestrianised zone. Owning one even seems to be becoming like a local bike club with pairs racing around. Not all are needed, attested to by the number of people I witness ably walking into shops, leaving them parked outside – as a trip hazard for everyone else.

Obviously, I understand some people need them, but equally, it is apparent there are plenty who don’t and who would benefit their own health and the costs to the NHS for obesity-related issues by walking. I see many older folk with far greater mobility issues than many vehicle users walking, thereby keeping themselves healthier in the process.

Precisely because of this lunacy, I no longer peruse shops as I would otherwise do; so I am spending less money than I would otherwise choose to. Multiplied out, that’s not good for local business.

Perhaps the police who go strutting around town could actually do something useful by making those in mobility vehicles slow right down. And it’s high time Sainsbury’s reassessed any policy on mobility vehicles before somebody is seriously injured by one.

Anise Kohl

Church Street, Lynn