Letters: Ann-Marie and Kevin Ryan, August 19, 2016

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To the councillor who termed the Sedgeford poultry unit protesters as “bullies”:

To allege that we, as objectors to this appalling application, are bullies is frankly insulting and offensive. Did you notice any violence or threatening behaviour from those concerned residents who stood outside the council buildings? We have gone about the arduous tasks of researching, compiling facts and statistics and writing letters in a manner that is – dare we use the word – democratic, a word that apparently means very little to some of the councillors on the planning committee (370 plus objections, versus four supports for this application). On the contrary, the only undemocratic actions in this affair appear to stem from those supporting the application and ignoring the wishes of the local residents. And, of course, those who at night constantly tore down our posters objecting to the poultry units that we put up in our villages and gardens.

Regrettably, you and your fellow voters appeared to have either ignored or not bothered to read the council’s own Core Strategy statement. A document that, of today and by the planning committee’s approval of this particular application, is now meaningless and should be consigned to the bin. You really should apologise for calling us bullies.

Ann-Marie and Kevin Ryan, Fring