Letters: Anna Myzak, March 28, 2017

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Having read the article (Lynn News, March 17) and subsequent research about Earth Hour in Lynn could I just ask, what’s the point?

You turn off unnecessary light shows at 8.30pm as a vain attempt at highlighting an environmental situation yet fail to point out that these light shows are irrelevant, costly and frankly not needed.

Looking back, I see an ‘eatery’ supports switching off its lights but also fails to point out that it closes at 9pm so the hour is actually a half hour and the ovens are still on. What’s the point?

Surely if you want to make an impact, why not switch off lights such as the Red Mount which is lit throughout the night? Lose the pointless information signs that display “spaces” at car parks – the laughable thing about them is that they mention the Austin Street and Baker Lane car parks solely populated by council workers so us ordinary folk stand no chance of parking there!

Anna Myzak