Letters: Anna Reeves, March 17, 2015

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Further to Nigel Broadhurst’s reply (Letters, March 3), I would suggest that he, together with readers who are concerned about the kangaroo trade visits the Viva! website www.savethekangaroo.com, well documented and reliable information can be accessed. In response to the matters raised I should point out the following:

According to the Australian government’s own figures, around 6 million kangaroos were earmarked for slaughter in 2013 (a massive increase of nearly 2 million from the previous year) and since 2001 there has been an overall drop of around 23,126,349 kangaroos in areas where they are hunted.

There is no monitoring of kangaroos shot but not killed. Research by RSPCA Australia and Animal Liberation NSW suggests that 120,000 kangaroos a year are left to die a slow, painful death, but according to the University of Technology Sydney, numbers may be much higher.

Kangaroo meat naturally contains a chemical called L carnitine which can trigger heart disease. High levels of salmonella and e.Coli have all been found in kangaroo meat.

The kangaroo is a slow breeding marsupial with low reproductive rates. The amount of damage they cause to the environment is negligible.

Kangaroo meat is not an ethical or sustainable product under any circumstances and Iceland would be well advised to remove it from its shelves.

Anna Reeves,

Saddlebow Village