Letters: Anne Milner, September 16, 2016

Lynx bus company in king's Lynn ANL-150122-104801001
Lynx bus company in king's Lynn ANL-150122-104801001
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How I agree with the letter in Lynn News (September 6) from Chris Smith regarding the council ignoring us.

I live in Hunstanton Road and now without a bus for at least six months. We have all sorts of rumours regarding a shuttle bus but no-one could help me. I made enquiries at the parish council who told me they knew nothing. Unable to contact the council directly (all our phones are busy for 20 mins!) I was luckily informed by a friendly Lynx bus driver that a shuttle bus was being provided. I then accessed the Lynx website and was able to photocopy the shuttle bus timetable and I have distributed this to a few neighbours who have no computer. Why could someone not have told us about this instead of which I have done the job for them. I used the shuttle bus recently and I was his only passenger because no-one knew anything about it. We have been treated badly by all concerned in this fiasco.

Anne Milner, Hunstanton Road, Heacham