Letters: Anne Salway, March 24, 2017

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I am amazed at what happened to me and my family this week at Lynn recycling centre.

All common sense gone. I was taking wood in my car from my home and my son was taking ceramic tiles from his. What followed was unbelievable. The fuss that we caused emptying the cars was horrendous. Suddenly the staff were round us like a rash. We had travelled ten miles to get rid of wood and tiles. Call me daft if you like, but anybody with half a brain can see if you have seven doors to get rid of, but only allowed one a week, you are still going to get rid of seven doors over seven weeks. They are still ending up in recycling, so what’s clever about that? It means using more fuel, inconveniencing people, causing aggro and upset unnecessarily and nothing is achieved. Funnily enough you can put as much landfill as you like into the landfill bin.Whoever decided this was a good idea should think again because everybody was moaning about it. In my opinion it will just cause more fly tipping. Why can’t we have a good bonfire and burn our own rubbish, that might be better.

Mrs Anne Salway, Downham Market