Letters: Anthony Digby, April 7, 2017

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With regard to Viewpoint March 24, a letter from Mr John Filowiat.

I am 74. When I was about 16 or 17, I worked on the farm, before the EU, and we had the Irish workers come over here to help with the sugar beet harvest. This was before sugar beet harvesters. They were very hard workers. This job was all done by hand. They had to knock the sugar beet together to get the soil off and lay them in a row so they could then chop the tops off with a hook called a greyhound. Then came the gangmasters who exploited their workers, who were mainly women and they were real grafters. A farmer once said to me, do not tell the gang how much I am paying the gangmaster or they will string him up. I have worked alongside these gangs potato picking and strawberry picking and, boy, did they work. So all farmers should not be tarred with the same brush and all farmers are not worth £165 million.

Anthony Digby