Letters: Anthony W Lynn, March 31, 2017

Official Opening of the new Seabank Pumping Station, off Front Way, North Lynn
Official Opening of the new Seabank Pumping Station, off Front Way, North Lynn
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It was reported in the Lynn News (March 24) that the King’s Lynn Drainage Board has just opened a new pumping station at North Lynn to pump water away from the Bawsey Drain and that the second phase of the works will allow for excess flow from the Gaywood River to then be diverted into the lower level Bawsey Drain at Riverside/Wootton Road.

There was a similar outline proposal many years ago for the Gaywood River to be fully joined to the 1.2 metre lower Bawsey Drain at this same location, but it came to nothing when it was realised that because of the different levels it would actually have stopped all flow in the Gaywood River from continuing downstream. From the drainage point of view, it probably is better to stop as much water as possible from continuing its torturous journey into the middle of Lynn, but from the environmental point of view it is vital that the nature of Gaywood River is not allowed to be downgraded in any way. The present proposals might only be for “excess flow” to be tipped into the lower Bawsey Drain but this is a situation which needs to be monitored by other interested bodies. Once the new diverting apparatus is in place, it will probably be possible to increase the diverted flow by simply pushing a button and safeguards should be put in place to ensure that this option isn’t used in the future when the real need might be, for example, downstream dredging or perhaps for maintenance works to the banks or culvert structures.

Anthony W Lynn

West Winch

North Lynn