Letters: Arthur Bedford, November 18, 2016

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I have just returned from holiday and have noticed that an extra lane has been painted on the road, allowing two vehicles to pass from Gayton Road on to the roundabout and exit towards the Hardwick.

This addition has obviously not been sanctioned by a car driver, as it is potentially very dangerous. I was reliably informed that the change was to alleviate congestion at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital exit. Didn’t the proposer of this ridiculous scheme notice that the congestion was caused by traffic not being able enter the roundabout due to traffic coming along the A149? The Highway Code states that you must give way to people from your right at roundabouts and this is the cause of the congestion. Making an extra lane turning right is dangerous as on turning you are now negotiating the roundabout with a vehicle on your right and you both must then turn on to the A149 which is not a dual-carriageway. I nearly had a nasty confrontation with a large 4x4 which should have been following me round the turn, but instead, caused me to brake sharply to avoid an accident. Before I do have a coming together with another vehicle on this roundabout, I will be citing the local council as cause. Please get someone who has road experience to change all these spurious alterations.

Arthur Bedford

Springwood, Gaywood