Letters: Arthur Lee, February 13, 2015

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It’s about time there was a reality check about these new homes.

The Council has listened to the public and changed the plans for the good. Anyway, what is so wrong about providing homes for local people. And work for local people in building these homes? Is Lynnsport the only green space for miles and is it all being lost. Er no.

This is starting to look like self interest to me - NIMBYS in other words. If this was elsewhere there would not be so much fuss. I have seen this email campaign by the group opposed to the new housing. Getting dozens of people to email the same email to influential people is not that clever or interesting. What is interesting is the addresses on them - the majority won’t really be affected by the plans as they live miles away, some outside Lynn. Presumably, they drive to Lynnsport to walk around or let their dogs mess.

I assume these NIMBYS, like the vocal ones in Wootton Road who oppose these plans, have nice size houses and plenty of room.

There are six of us crammed in our home – including two adults who have been waiting five years on the Council housing list. Now they will probably have to wait longer but its OK as long as a few people can still walk their dogs near Lynnsport.

Arthur Lee,

Fenland Road, Reffley