Letters: AS Wolf, February 20, 2015

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I have been an avid reader of the great local Lynn News since I came here from London in 1971.

And the first page I look for is the letters page, because it tells you a lot about the people you live with in the area. But I just had to reply to two letters character assassinating Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

Brown did more for the elderly and infirm than any other Government (winter fuel payments, free eye tests, free prescriptions, free bus passes, free TV for the over-75s), also Brown kept this country out of the Euro and saved the banks from complete collapse. Miliband stood up to Murdoch and beat him and has stopped this country getting involved in Syria and he and his party are the only ones to stand up to the fat cats who are slowing ruining this once great country (mostly owned by foreign firms who do not pay their rightful taxes). As for Labour joining with Sinn Fein, this has already been dismissed as a dirty trick by the Tories.

A S Wolf,

Sidney Street, Lynn