Letters; Aud Yelland, February 24, 2015

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Fox hunting in times of yore, when sport had differences from today, was one of the most exhibitionist of the better-off that also provided energetic interest for the foot followers; more than Radio Norfolk listeners think!

My two friends and I as 10-year-old girls, with their grandfather walked miles over picturesque landscape but never actually saw the kill at close hand; we did not wish to!

The hounds were friendly, beautiful and obedient; lightly whipped-in and led by the never forgotten Sinbad, leader of the pack to be stroked if possible.

In contrast I can still smell the stench of the fox being skinned for its coat if good enough and its tail, after being shot on the farm! Which was more humane ?

Times forever change and not always for the better.

Today the better-off,and those that are not, spend fortunes on

rugby, football etc to often watch dirty-tricks to the opposite team with proverbial cunning and vehement force; do we burn them at the stake, put them on the ducking stool; into stocks for days in all weathers and batter them; flog them all around the town?

No, we fine them!

We have moved on but not for the better in many ways, the more money and show that comes into so called sport it seems the more violence and pain comes with arrogance and less thought of helping fellow beings up the ladder and taking some of the pain out of our world!

What an example to the rest of the world that have not had the opportunities that the so called educated have had; does culture and care get a look-in or are we going under without dignity.

Aud Yelland,