Letters: Audrey Yelland, September 1, 2015

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Roger May’s parting shot has hit me in the heart with pain and disappointment; does he have to retire yet? Our need is as great as ever, his Norfolk knowledge (plus further afield when taking a break). His ‘joy and optimism for the future of

West Norfolk’, his monitory and mirth expertly written to warn and explain in detail for our learning and even laughter; yes, always read with a twinkle in one’s heart! It has been the front page for me.

The new sub on the Clyde, a 7,400 tonne attack submarine just received is in the Astute class; the largest and most powerful attack submarine ever operated by the Royal Navy, boasting state-of-the-art communications and equipment and stealth technology,

named in my estimation after – The Artful Codger of the Lynn News. Could he consider an Artful Article once a month, maybe – please ?

Audrey Yelland