Letters: B Linlithgow, January 15, 2015

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It has come to light that the new Lynn South Fire Station is being used to cover further cuts to the fire service.

The cutting of cover at the Lynn North station from 24 hours a day, seven days a week to daytime only is to be brought in as part of the new Integrated Risk Management Plan. The bizarre thing is, this was not part of the cuts agenda. This crazy idea of “improvement” has been offered up by the new Chief Fire Officer. This is the same chief who thinks taking firefighters out of their full time role to recover dead bodies from all over the Sough East and beyond using his dive team is a good use of his resources. This leaves appliances in Norfolk short staffed. Isn’t it meant to be a Fire and Rescue Service in Norfolk, not a regional body-retrieval business?

I say “business” as the brigade charges for its use. The chief retires in a couple of years. The chief is an expert in this field. The chief needs a business to retitre into! I’m a resident of Lynn and I’m worried about the response I’ll get if I dial 999 at night and ask for the fire service to come and rescue me. One fire engine with insufficient firefighters to rescue me, followed ten minutes later by some support. Too late, I fear.

B Linlithgow

Consort Road, South Wootton