Letters: Barry Tomlin, May 12, 2017

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Having made a complaint to the relevant authority in March 2016 about chronic dog fouling on pavements in the Everards, Lynn, I am pleased to say that Andy Nederpell and his Neighbourhood Nuisance team responded to my initial complaints with great effort of monitoring and marking to great effect.

Unfortunately, a further complaint was made and at the present time, over a year later I am happy, as are most residents of the Everards, that the situation is much improved. It is evident that many dog owners have little conscience or sense of responsibility in leaving their dogs’ excrement on pavements and indeed anywhere where there is a public green space. Andy Nederpell explained to me certain aspects of human rights that make it difficult for councils to obtain a prosecution. The other difficulty is that many dog owners in urban areas walk their dogs under cover of darkness. The writer of a letter I read recently quite rightly complains about dog fouling in woodland, where dogs are allowed to roam free and can conveniently defecate unseen by their owner. There is also the dog owner who having cleared up with a plastic bag, then throws it into the undergrowth or somebody else’s garden, or as I witnessed, into the Long Pond. The ever increasing population of dog owners to ever decreasing green space has serious implications of a health risk for the very young and elderly and there is also the risk of injury from free roaming dogs. As I see it, the only reason people take their pets for walkies is to conveniently defecate on any ground away from their own property. It’s about time politicians and public authorities brought about change that would bring about a cleaner, safer environment either by licence to fund clean up or laws that are effective in securing prosecution of people that it seems would drag society back to the medieval streets of the past.

Barry Tomlin, North Everard Street, Lynn