Letters: Ben Carter, October 20, 2015

The safety screens at the Pullover Roundabout
The safety screens at the Pullover Roundabout
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To whoever can justify this: What an absolute joke my journey and those of many others have become in the morning.

My morning commute from Clenchwarton to Wisbech now has an extra 15 minutes some mornings due purely to an idiotic and pointless waste of space and money. I am referring to the “camouflage fence” placed brilliantly on the edge of the West Lynn/Clenchwarton approach to the roundabout. This serves absolutely no purpose and has now made this approach more dangerous as the lines of traffic it has created are vying to get onto the roundabout and almost collide with oncoming traffic turning into the petrol station. To my knowledge this is not a renowned accident spot so what possible reason can there be for installing this stupid idiotic fence?

Please take it down before accidents become standard.

Ben Carter

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