Letters: Beryl Barber, September 27, 2016

Lynnsport car park ANL-161107-064647009
Lynnsport car park ANL-161107-064647009
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I am most annoyed that the council has not done anything about protecting the field they call Lynnsport 2, a year after saying this would be done.

We were told that this would be protected from any future planning, but now we find out this hasn’t been done. This will be the one remaining piece of green space left at Lynnsport now they are going ahead with all their building work.

It breaks my heart to think of them doing any building at Lynnsport but now to find out they haven’t protected this is beyond belief. Why hasn’t it been done and when will it be done?

We need to make sure that this land is protected for our future generations.

Beryl Barber, Gaywood