Letters: Betty Pettingale, October 31, 2014

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I was watching question time on the BBC two weeks ago, Jeremy Hunt, the Health Minister was on the panel.

In a discussion on the National Health Service most of the panel said elderly people are blocking beds in all the hospitals and in the A&E Departments and are taking a large amount of money out of the NHS budget.

However, most of us older people have worked since we were 15 or younger. We have paid into the NHS budget all our lives and now cannot get anything done. How much do they owe us? We have kept the NHS going now what have we got to look forward to?

Also, please tell me where these elderly people should go? Some homes for the elderly are a disgrace poor care and to many young staff left in charge?

I worked 26 years caring for the elderly and loved it to make sure they were well cared for and to make sure they were encouraged to keep their independence as long as they could and nursed them to the end.

I think the Government should show more respect for us older people because they will be there sooner than they think.

Betty Pettingale,

School Road, Terrington St John