Letters: Bill Hone, February 13, 2015

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Written after a conversation with a new visitor to Lynn:

My poem is in and about King’s Lynn, a place you tell me where you’ve never been.

The sights and buildings you must see; the Custom House is the first for me.

This listed building, so near the river as well, many past stories of interest it can tell!

Down the road, Tuesday Market was once full of stalls, now a car park, with seats, the odd stall and that is all.

Down the street, St Margaret’s Church, now the Minster, and the Town Hall Museum with exhibits sinister!

Then for a complete change, you must visit the Corn Exchange, to see what shows are on each week, and tea or coffee there to seek.

But if a first class meal is preferred instead, cross the square to the hotel named the Duke’s Head.

Come to Lynn and enjoy your stay, And I’m sure you’ll be back to see more another day!

Bill Hone,

Lynn Road, Grimston