Letters: Bob Edgley, August 9, 2016

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Well done Sarah with regard to your column in the Lynn News of July 26.

You state it’s time for a show of outrage and, after reading the rubbish you wrote, I am outraged. There are no ‘social crises’, although left wing journalists who seem unable to accept a democratic opinion are trying to make one. You cannot accept you lost a vote after years of British people just turning the other cheek and accepting whatever rubbish our so-called leaders decided to dump on us. I voted to leave, not for my sake but for the sake of my grandchildren. I am not and have never been racist, ask anyone who knows me, but I am concerned at the number of people flocking to our country and the effect it is having on all our services. To want to keep an identity of Britishness is not racist but is just being proud of our country and its people of all shapes, sizes and colour.

Bob Edgley, North Wootton