Letters: Bob Fayers, October 13, 2015

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Everybody who lives in this country believes that they have human rights, and feel safe and secure because of it.

I am certain most of us think that if they have a reason to take to court any kind of dispute that concerns their rights, it would be straight forward. Well, I had a reason to enforce my so called rights. I discussed the matter with a solicitor and he agreed I had a good case. But to my surprise he advised me to not pursue it. He explained that to progress any such issue one has to employ a human rights lawyer. There are many human rights lawyers, all queuing up to take on a case. The problem is, if you are a honest hard working house owner you have to pay them. I was told that I would have to put £10,000 up front and that each time the case went to court, it would probably cost another £10,000. If I really wanted to pursue the case I stood a good chance of losing everything, including my house. On the other hand if I was penniless, a criminal, and I’m not going there, the human rights lawyers jump on board because we pay. They just fill in forms and collect the money from the government. So from my point of view any hard working person in this country does not have any human rights. Only when the human rights lawyers are free of charge for everybody will it really work for us and not against us. Stand back and take a good long look at what is happening to our country. We are being overrun, no invaded, by people who don’t just want to live here, but change our way of life to theirs. The sad thing is because of their human rights, we are paying their lawyers to make it happen. I don’t suppose any of the Corbynites will agree, but that’s just the way they want our country to be.

Bob Fayers

King’s Lynn