Letters: Brian and Mary Kallagher, November 25, 2016

Proposal for new homes in South Wootton ANL-161117-114545001
Proposal for new homes in South Wootton ANL-161117-114545001
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The recent letter we received from Larksfleet Homes regarding a housing development off Hall Lane, South Wootton, was a huge cause of concern to us, as it will be to most residents of the villages of South Wootton and North Wootton and beyond.

The number of dwellings that had been agreed with the borough council for the land in question was 300 – reduced from the original proposal of 600.

Now we understand that this has been changed to “a minimum of 300” which gives the developers the opportunity to foist many more houses upon us in their pursuit of profit. This will have an extremely adverse effect on the area and result in a semi-rural landscape evolving into a fully urban one.

Another extremely worrying aspect of these plans is that a feeder road will run through the estate from Edward Benefer Way on to Nursery Lane, which is a narrow, winding village road linking North and South Wootton and which is totally inadequate to cope with the increase in traffic which would ensue as it would undoubtedly become a rat run.

We realise, of course, that any consultation between Larksfleet and current residents is a purely cynical exercise and is unlikely to result in any major change to their plans, but we urge as many people as possible to attend the public exhibition at South Wootton Village Hall on Wednesday, November 30, between 2pm and 6.30pm in order to express their concerns.

Brian and Mary Kallagher, Wheatley Drive, North Wootton