Letters: Brian Baylis, December 9, 2014

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What exactly is it with our MP’s that they can’t live on the same income as us senior citizens are expected to do and decided by them?

Our MP Liz Truss claimed in an email to me that she could live on £170 per week, yet when challenged to prove it for at least six months, through the leading daily paper, she ignored me.

Why she and her colleagues feel they ‘need’ over £100,000 per year is beyond me.

Then last week we learned that Henry Bellingham is getting a super salary of £66,000 for being in a company directorship position, yet said to do just four hours a week for it.

I wish our pension was that high per week, instead of watching the pennies, never mind the pounds these days.

Even some so-called ‘Professional People’ in sports, television, company directors, or whoever, fail to even try living on a ‘reasonable’ wage, while most genuine working class have absolutely no choice, then some get deep in debt for Christmas presents.

Brian Baylis,