Letters: Brian Baylis, February 3, 2015

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I am writing in response to the letter from Ms Jenny Porter re use of mobiles when driving (Letters, January 30).

Just today (Saturday) and in appalling conditions, there were many drivers on the A10 between here and Ely with defective lights, just sidelights, or no lights at all, some drivers seen using mobiles, speeding, tailgating and yes, you’ve got it, not one police car seen anywhere from either county.

There again, when ARE they actually out on the roads these days, other than one I saw last week in Tesco’s car park and I asked if it was a mirage?

When questioned about my remark, I politely answered: “Well we NEVER see them on the roads catching speeders, bad drivers, or those tailgating! Either that, or you are making a film somewhere!”

Both Ely and Downham police stations are closed on Saturdays, yet there are many unmarked cars seen parked outside, and patrol cars in their yards. Why not have them out on the roads preventing possible crashes, as well as nicking those failing to comply with the law?

Stephen Betts claimed on BBC Radio Norfolk last year, that our roads are patrolled 24/7, but they are not. If they are, why are there so many offences being committed and nobody getting caught?

I wonder how it is, that all towns shown on programmes like Road Wars’on television, are forever nicking people, yet round here, rarely any?

Brian Baylis,