Letters: Brian Baylis, May 10, 2016

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I am writing in response to the recent speed campaign by Norfolk Police on the A47.

Is this the only road the police bother to look at? On Lynn Road in Wimbotsham there is a 50mph limit, but many choose to exceed it and tailgate vehicles preparing to turn down Church Road on the left from both directions. Recently, as I went to turn in, some idiot was right up close behind, when an HGV pulled up ready to use Lynn Road and the car driver hooted, expecting me to squeeze between a stone wall and the lorry. Further, many do not wait for us to turn in and simply overtake, crossing the two continuous white lines. Do the police ever catch them? No! Because they never use the road. In the village centre there is a 20mph zone, but the majority of drivers totally ignore it.

Brian Baylis, Wimbotsham