Letters: Brian Baylis, May 23, 2017

30mph limit sign - Road Sign - Speed Limit
30mph limit sign - Road Sign - Speed Limit
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I read with extreme interest the report inTuesday’s Lynn News (May 16) that Norfolk police caught a reported 1,600 motorists speeding in April, but what I would like to see is a breakdown as to where exactly. The reason I ask is that of recent weeks, the only police cars seen in Downham area have all been parked up outside the police station, and for the first time in ages, one was actually seen with ‘blues’ showing on the A10 tonight when my wife and I were on our way out for the evening.

After several requests to be assured police are out there catching speeders, tailgaters and motorists with defective lights at night and in bad weather, I was told they patrol 24/7, but as yet, we have never seen one motorist stopped in the area for any offence, let alone on the A10 between Watlington and Brandon Creek and my wife and I use this road at various times and days and have as yet still to see them as claimed to be doing. Along Lynn Road, in both Downham and Wimbotsham there are both 30 and 50mph limits that my wife and I keep to, but get others tailgating us, trying to get us to exceed the limits. Have these people never thought to leave a few minutes earlier and keep to the said limits? No, because they know they have very little if any chance of getting caught. Normally the only time we see any police, they are in Tesco’s shopping, before heading back to their hiding-place again.

Before any reader thinks I am innocent, I am not and have been done for speeding, getting fined on the spot, but in Germany,and still have the ticket.

Brian Baylis