Letters: Brian Burton, June 24, 2016

Farm Land at Ingoldisthorpe ANL-160519-114842009
Farm Land at Ingoldisthorpe ANL-160519-114842009
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The antis are out again.

Every time something new is wanted, they are out to oppose. They are few, but they try to stop all and everything that’s new, never mind if it can bring work and prosperity for many. I went to the open day at the sand quarry at Leziate, and spoke to some locals and asked about the noise, dust lorries, etc, and was told that most were surprised just how big an area the pits covered, and they were also not aware of dust or noise. As for the wildlife, there’s plenty of birds, deer and much more. This was just from talking to many locals. As it was a open day, I wonder if any of the WASPs visited and asked questions? A few years ago Palm Paper was building its factory at Lynn. Then the NIMBYs said much the same thing, too many lorries, roads wouldn’t be able to cope, airborne pollution, river would become polluted. A few years on, what has become of the lorries that they said would be queuing on the highway waiting to get into the factory? Roads haven’t crumbled any worse than other roads. We are still breathing and the river is as it was before. The world hasn’t ended, yet.

Brian Burton, Address supplied