Letters: Brian Bylis, May 26, 2015

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I am writing in response to the letters by Colin Bulley on and W. Blundell, about the massive increase to our pensions, and 25p.

Four years ago, I sadly lost my last wife to cancer and informed the DWP almost immediately. Due entirely to an error on their part, I was overpaid for a few weeks and eventually paid it all back, as far as I am aware. I have received a letter claiming I still owe £254.33 and it turns out they had made a mistake and I have to pay for it. They are deducting £11.10 per week because of their errors. Liz Truss claimed last year, that she could live on £170 per week, yet when challenged to prove it, she ignored me, so I now wonder if she can live on less than the now £160 we will have coming in until I have paid for their mistakes?

Brian Baylis

Turners Close, Wimbotsham