Letters: Bryan Brunswick, March 28, 2017

King's Lynn Arts Centre - St George's Guildhall
King's Lynn Arts Centre - St George's Guildhall
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Recent news reports are highlighting the council’s questionable funding for the Guildhall, and its plans for a major contribution alongside the very large bids to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Arts Council, should those be successful.

The article (Lynn News, March 17) indicated the council also gives money to the community theatre at Westacre, although by contrast the amount is extremely modest and apparently stopping completely in the near future.

My impression is that the information divulged so far may only be a small part of the whole story. I can find no data on the council’s website to explain which arts and culture venues and activities the council judges to be worthy of receiving its support. As taxpayers, we surely ought to know how all our money is spent. Other local authorities often publish these figures (which is laudable) so please either could our council advise where this information can be found or provide the Lynn News with the details for publication which would be even better.

Bryan Brunswick, The Green, Burnham Market