Letters: Bryan Howling, April 21, 2015

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Now retired, I was a parish councillor for the parish of Terrington St Clement for over 40 years and the Annual Parish Assembly was the one focal point of the year when parishioners were able to meet and express their views.

In my early years as a councillor the assembly attracted over 100 parishioners and they were very lively events.

I believe that over that time as a parish councillor I never missed one of the assemblies. At the most recent one on April 15, I was somewhat taken aback to see that half the Parish Council were missing, with only eight of the 16 being present.

I gather that only two of the eight missing made apologies, two of the missing councillors probably forgot being so intent on leafleting the village on behalf of themselves for the forthcoming elections.

I also seem to recall that the same two leafleting councillors from this year’s meeting were also missing from last year’s assembly.

I and many other members of the public at the meeting found this a rather strange way to act as they did not seem to feel it important enough to meet the electors of the parish face-to-face.

This point was made at the meeting as it was felt it to be a rather cavalier attitude towards those members of the public who had made the effort to attend.

Bryan Howling,

Northgate Way,

Terrington St Clement