Letters: Bryan Howling, October 16, 2015

New Owner of Bawsey Pits.'Stephen Bacon ANL-150310-113610009
New Owner of Bawsey Pits.'Stephen Bacon ANL-150310-113610009
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I note with interest the recent good news in the press regarding Bawsey Lakes. I have long felt the area deserved to be developed as a leisure centre having a potential to cover several leisure pursuits with its varied topography.

In the late 1970s early 1980s, as a borough councillor I tried very hard to get my fellow councillors to appreciate the great potential to provide well-drained all-weather facilities at the Bawsey site. A much better site than the site being discussed at that time for Lynn Sport on heavy soil. I also note that Mr Bacon mentions restoration of the railway station at Bawsey, which I well remember. Also I had suggested that the existing railway line from the sand workings to King’s Lynn station could provide easy access from the town to the centre rather than bus and car travel. Perhaps it is not too late to consider connecting the existing railway to the station at Bawsey, giving rail access to Bawsey Lakes.

Bawsey Lakes site could provide sailing, canoeing, contained swimming, football, cricket and hockey pitches. Site profiles could contain a ski slope, an outdoor theatre, bowling outdoor and indoor together with tennis. This is an ideal site for many more leisure activities than I have already mentioned. Power to your elbow Mr Bacon. I look forward to grand things at Bawsey.

Bryan Howling

Terrington St Clement