Letters: C Marsden, September 1, 2015

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I’m researching the life and work of the Hunstanton architect, Herbert G Ibberson.

I’ve been looking for a poster that was drafted by Ibberson when he was chairman of Hunstanton Advancement Association. I am confident that the poster is not in The Science and Society Picture Library, at the National Railway Museum in York, Hunstanton Heritage Centre, Norfolk Record Office, Millennium Centre in Norwich or the private collection at Wolferton Station. It did not feature in The Railway and Travel Monthly 1914-1919 or Great Eastern Railway Magazine 1914–1919. It is neither recorded by the Great Eastern Railway Society nor referenced in Railway Journeys in Art: v. 4: The Eastern Counties (Poster to Poster) by Richard Furness. All that I know comes from the Lynn Advertiser that reported progress on the poster’s development.

In January 1914, a report of the Hunstanton Advancement Association said it was agreed a poster was to be quad-royal size, 50 inches by 40 inches.

In April 1914, it was reported “a new poster for exhibition at railway stations, for the purpose of advertising Hunstanton as a seaside resort is now being issued by the Advancement Association. Its dimensions are 50 inches long by 40 inches wide, and its principal feature is an extensive view of the cliffs and beach with the tide well up”.

In May 1914, the poster was referred as “one in which one gets real beauty and a touch of humour. The poster is interesting and charming in its endeavour to render faithfully a fair scene”.

Can anyone recognise the poster or otherwise help me? Phone numbers: 01484 656863

07876 377 588; email


Christopher Marsden

106 Lamb Hall Road