Letters: Charles Joyce, April 22, 2016

Local Election May 2011''Charles Joyce ENGANL00120110418121539
Local Election May 2011''Charles Joyce ENGANL00120110418121539
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George King asks what are the views of his councillors on the subject of a proposed move of St James’s Surgery to Kilhams Way in North Lynn.

It’s no secret that irrespective of who owns the premises, or where the surgery is, the taxpayer will still pay the bill for the rent. Nor that the borough council wants to diversify its property portfolio, and if it goes ahead, the Kilhams Way surgery is anticipated to give a six per cent return. So the reason I could say the Conservative administration did not have putting local residents in harm’s way as a first choice is because council officers had assured me that other sites were suggested, but rejected.

A number of Conservative councillors have expressed misgivings about the proposed move. Their reasons vary, but the council record shows that I am the only councillor who voted against the proposal. My reason is also recorded. It is the proposed location. Therefore, it is disappointing to see some members of the borough council’s cabinet use their twitter accounts to suggest Labour councillors and the Lynn News are campaigning against a new surgery for Lynn. But unless, and until, he tells me different, I am willing to accept that the current council leader is genuine in wanting to bring world class medical facilities to the town, and that he is grown up enough to not want a political fight over it. George suggests the NORA site as a possible alternative. A new modern doctor’s super surgery on NORA did become part of the Millennium Community vision. Already Southgates Medical Centre has planning consent for a new surgery, but it is too small for what is required. Land that is needed to develop and upgrade the doctor’s surgery in South Lynn is under the control of the Homes and Communities Agency and the Morston Asset administrators. Without the Government spending £9million on a new road to open up the NORA project, the land they hold would be worthless. Yet to date they have shown no interest in helping.

Charles Joyce, borough councillor, South and West Lynn