Letters: Charles Joyce, March 3, 2017

Bus Road Bollard problem on Harding's Way (soon to be named Prince William Way)
Bus Road Bollard problem on Harding's Way (soon to be named Prince William Way)
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Alexandra Kemp is not the only councillor for South Lynn who opposes the opening up of Hardings Way to traffic other than buses. And it is a shocking indictment that people living in the Friars area have been abandoned by their own councillors at both borough and county councils.

Shortly after the Police opened up Hardings Way as an emergency measure, in 2012, when the A47 was closed, the Highways Department at County Hall wrote “our stance as a highways authority is quite clear that the route is for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport and it is not safe to open it up to any other use.”

The borough council has for a long time wanted to develop Hardings Pits. Originally it was a supermarket, but the Planning Inspector said ‘No’. In an attempt to protect the area, the late Roger Turff tried to get the area designated a Village Green, which would have prevented needless development. The best that could be achieved was a Doorstep Green, which is maintained by local people.

Initially Hardings Way came into being as a cycle route. Only later was it opened up to buses. The ruling elite will try to make out that opening up Hardings Way to traffic will ease problems on London Road. It’s their old trick of divide and conquer. The best way to ease problems on London Road is to initiate a park and ride.

Charles Joyce, Borough councillor South and West Lynn