Letters: Chris and Janet Brandon-King, December 15, 2015

Peter Clery at his Sutton Bridge Home ANL-150712-084331009
Peter Clery at his Sutton Bridge Home ANL-150712-084331009
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A small number of people actually attended the public meeting of the Governors’ Council held on Tuesday, December 1, mentioned in your report of December 4. I and others were there to support our governor, who is being accused of apparently breaching a Code of Conduct by speaking out on certain matters.

We made it quite clear to the chairman Edward Libbey before the meeting that we wished to ask questions at the end of the meeting. We sat through what was mainly a mutual appreciation society, insofar as the answers given by members of the board were generally accepted without critical assessment.

Chief Executive Officer Mrs D Hosein said winter pressures had already begun, following the mildest November on record! Hospital acquired infections of C difficile are increasing; because commodes had not been cleaned properly! Re falls – an analysis reveals that patients fall early in the morning going to the toilet– so they will be running a trial.

The finance director’s reports showed more negative trends than positive, with the result that the deficit will increase above target. What are the governors on the council doing to question the members of the Board and hold them to account? It appears to be very little by the showing at the meeting. There is one notable exception – the elected governor for South Holland.

As the meeting ground to its conclusion, Mr Libbey closed it quickly without allowing questions from the floor.

Our elected governor resigned his position, effectively leaving a large proportion of the hospital’s patient catchment area temporarily unrepresented. This he did in order to speak to the press, so the public could know what was going on, an action forbidden by the chairman as far as our governor was concerned.

I would urge all foundation trust members to attend these cosy little chats between the Governors’ Council and the board, to see for themselves how the board are consistently being ‘let off the hook’. Details of meetings open to the public can be requested from the hospital.

Chris and Janet Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge