Letters: Chris Smith, April 14, 2017

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I’m quite amazed that Norfolk County Council and its local council representatives decided to carry out major works on the A 149 at Thornham when the schools close for Easter and the holiday season starts.

Unbelievable.It could have been done earlier. Secondly, they divert traffic in a strange way but fail to put up signs advising motorists of the danger to wildlife on the country lanes that people will use to get to their destination as quickly as they can. I being a local have seen so many pheasant, hares , partridges and even blackbirds killed by cars going too fast. Recently I was following a car and I could see a hare running across the field near Bluestone Farm at Ringstead. What a creature. But it stood no chance as the car driver was going too fast and hence a collision. Cars stopped including the driver that hit the animal. I had to put the poor creature out of its misery. The driver of the car that hit the hare was very upset but had she driven with thought for the countryside this needn’t have happened. A simple sign advising people to drive slowly and be aware of wildlife would have helped. Let’s face it we in the countryside have to put up with signs for restaurants, shops, delis – and now we have Tom Jones. I hope all these signs have full planning permission and are contributing financially to the county. Somebody in the council should get a grip, after all, you are there to serve the local community.

Chris Smith