Letters: Chris Smith, March 24, 2015

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I think we all know from reading your paper and hearing what the borough council are saying that these proposal for both Searles and Le Strange will be given in what the council say is in the best interest of Hunstanton, although we keep telling them that the area can’t cope with these developments (ie lack of doctors, dentists, schools, jobs etc) but no one seems to listen, apart from telling us this will be good for the area. But I think we all know it’s about money.

Well I have proposal for the council, the landowners and the developers – if you are

all so sure you want to benefit the people of the area then incorporate at your cost in the developments the following: A state-of-the-art doctors’ surgery together with ambulance and paramedic facility to be able to cope with increase in population.

Create parkland and playing areas for the young and old.

I don’t always agree with Richard Bird (independent councillor) but he is right that we will need a nursing home for the elderly.

I propose that this also be incorporated in the proposals at the developer’s and landowner’s cost because we all believe that these proposal will attract more retired people than young families hence all my requests will be much needed.

I believe that all the above should be asked for by West Norfolk Council and agreed

to before any planning permission is granted; it will only decrease slightly the profit

you all stand to make the sale of the land, sale of the buildings, and the extra council tax you will receive.

So Mr and Mrs Councillor, have the backbone to ask for the above and if so you would

truly be doing the right thing for this town at last and of course this will also tell

us if this really is about the money!

Chris Smith,

Princess Drive, Hunstanton